things (and more) that i want

konbanwa u all.. this is first time i try to make a post in english.. 😀 i know it’s incompetent,  i’m not good in english *and others too :P*  i was got a C for my english in 3th semester, and normally i just cut a song, choose my favorite lyrics and  use it as status on facebook.. but this time i decided to write a post in my lovely blog using english

but, what should i write?? i’ts more difficult that i’ve thougth. 😀 come on.. i cannot even write about shoes that really i want.. *sigh* humm.. think about something fun! *it’s the way to refill my spirit again* there are so much something fun out there.. one of them is shoes! yup.. nowdays i really want to get this shoes look! it is cute, isn’t it?? something *especialy goods* cute always can make me want to get them 😛 unfortunately -and it’s a luck too ^^* there are things cute in this world.. it’s mean there  a lot goods that i want.. shoes is just one of them.. i want hello kitty mp3 player, jewel heart flashdisk, floral dress, cardigan, legging, cutie bag and many more.. it’s mean a danger for my wallet, it will became thin soon , but let’s check my wallet first!

yahh…. just several pieces of money inside.. and my monthly savarage from my mom must not enough to buy all of them *although it’s enough my mom will rambling a long day  “use ur money for daily needs such eat, u may buy all what u want with ur own money! don’t spend my money for that important things! ” *sigh* she is so fussy.. but i love her so much

well… i just can make a wish that someday i can get what i want *although it’s not important anymore* and of course using my own money.. so u guys.. give ur pray for my small cafe *called wi@net* might produce a lot of money…

i wait for ur comment about this post n my english.. arigatou and jaa,

note : italics’s word is in japanese, it’s mean “good evening, thank you, and see u latter..”  i hope someday i can write a post in japanese too…

45 pemikiran pada “things (and more) that i want

  1. thats cute, in my eyes… not in my feet….. 😆
    I hope u’ll get what u want, sooooo many wishlist eh? hha…. :mrgreen:
    jamata rai-posuto……… (see you next post……) hha.. konbanwa… 😀

  2. hahha… the browser was crash when i open translate from google…

    yeah english.. is a language.. if others one understand what mean of them of your speaking or posting.. its enough.. 😀

    likes me.. poor speaking.. hahaha.. 😀

  3. Dalam rangka menyambut bulan Suci Ramadhan 1413 H, ijinkan saya memohon dibukakan pintu maaf yang seluas-luasnya jika ada salah dan khilaf..

    Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan…..

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